Newbie in need of simple wiring diagram for Stepper and L298N

I recently purchased a kit from Oddwires and am trying to wire the 4 wire stepper motor and the L298N controller to the Mega 2560.

This is the controller:
This is the motor:

Any one have a simple wiring diagram which actually shows which wires go to which terminals? Many thanks in advance.

Well, you know the motor is ACT brand, Model Number: 17HS4417.
Google that, find out if it is Bipolar Parallel, or Bipolar Series, and wire it up accordingly.

I see the L298 controller page has Outputs 2, 2', 3, 3', with colors that are the same as what's shown on your motor, so that might be a hint. Buzz out Red-Blue, and Green-Black, if they show continuity they are likely the A and B windings, so then its just a 50/50 shot of not one reversing pair with respect to the other so that pulses of current on both make the motor turn as expected.