Newbie - libraries not found error

Hi all, I’m new to Arduino but not to electronics in general.

Basically what I am doing is on this page:

I have uploaded the code using the IDE then I installed a program called “processing” which is meant to (I think) run the program and communicate with the board. However I keep getting the following messages:

“cannot find dependent libraries”

Can someone please explain how libraries work, and where about’s I should be copying the “jmyron” library? The above website says you just copy two files into the “processing folder” which I thought I did but the program still is not running - It seems it can’t find them?

I’ve seen one folder called “lib” and one “library” both are in the Processing IDE folder directory as well as the Arduino IDE directory. I copied and pasted the two files into just about every folder I can think of and it still does not run.

I was loving this project - love getting my hands dirty on a good project but this one… phew… as soon as I saw I would need to involve a PC I just KNEW it was going to give me a few headaches.

Thank you so much in advance!

My programming experience is limited to "drawing a flag on a Spectrum Sinclair ZX when I was about 12". So I am hoping it is just a case of messing about with .dll files on my pc!

Hi all, I'm new to Arduino but not to electronics in general.

"I'm new to Fords, but not woodworking. I have a problem with a Stihl. Can you help?"

Perhaps you should be asking at the Stihl dealer.