Newbie: Need Help With Nano and WS2812B LED's

OK, First off, forgive me if this should be in a different area.. I think I am in the correct Forum as I am not sure if my Nano is working properly or not. I have it connected to my USB Port and the Green LED is on constant and the Red LED is blinking. I tried a couple different WS2812B Libraries and I am unable to get them going and I do not know how to test my Nano to see if it is working properly or if I maybe destroyed some of the pins when I desoldered the pins (don't ask!!!) Anyhow, I am use to using the Propeller and for a few specific projects that do not require that much power I thought I would give the Nano a try. If I get it working I will definitely be coming back for more!!! Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Try uploading the Blink example sketch to the Nano. In the IDE, it's File - Examples - Basic - Blink.

Do you get a message "Done uploading"?

Does the LED on the Nano marked "L" blink 1 second on, 1 second off?