Newbie needs basic advice for project idea

Since I'm fairly new to all this I just wanted to ask for some basic advice how to approach my idea. I still want to figure the programming myself but I just don't have much knowledge about the physical components I need.

That's what I want to do:
I want to create a cylinder with LEDs on it at different positions and I want to light these LEDs when I am in front of them or have my hand in front of it. Best would be that the color of the led changes when I'm getting closer to the led

So I need distance sensors... IR maybe? And RGB LEDs...

What components would you use for this?

investigate ultrasonic sensors & PIR sensors

search term: arduino proximity

look in the Project Hub

Thank you... Thought about installing sensors and LEDs behind glass... So pir wouldn't work I think

Have you worked with radar?

One possibility.

Have you worked with radar?

yes, but rather larger than what you have in mind.