newbie needs help with an led project.

hello, im in much need of guidance on a project i want to do to my car. i have jumped into the deep end with this and hope the experienced ppl on here dont mind giving me a helping hand. ive just replaced my angel eye headlights to a quad headlight setup on my car and wish to add some angel eyes with a difference, i really want to run two or three sets of rgb leds next to each other to make one big ring, looking at about 30 to 40 leds each ring, based on 40 leds over four lights ill be running 160 rgb leds, but want to run each ring independently, reason for this is i want to run two functions through the eyes, first function is the standard angel eye look when i switch my main lights on, the second function i want for when i take my show car to the shows is i want to fully customize the light sequence and paterns of each ring in a demo function. i havent brought anything as of yet, cause i didnt know whether arduino would be capable of this project. my first thoughts was to use the arduino mega. also would like to add if this project goes to plan and works ok i would like the option to add my rear tail lights and indicators to the project using matrix boards. any help, thoughts and suggestions would be taken on board. thank you in advance.