Newbie, please help

Hi, everybody. i am trying to use L293D to contral a Tamiya motor, whose current consumption is 2.6A to 3.5A and operating voltage is 2.4V to 3.0V. But the maximum uotput current for l293d is just 1.2A. When I power the circuit, I can hear sound coming out of the motor without spinning. Can I increase the current in the circuit in order to make the motor spin? if not, how can I make the motor spin? By the way, what’s the output voltage of l293d?


L293D can handle the voltage, but not the current. Find a motor driver board that is L298 based, higher current capable. Or look at motor driver boards from

Thanks for your reply! Do you mean that if we want to power a 2.6A ~3.5A motor, I have to buy a motor shield for arduino?

A motor driver chip on a board. Not necessarily a shield.

Thanks for your reply! I found one on But i am not sure if it is appropriate. Could you give some opinions? This is the webpage address:

No. 1A continuous, 3A peak. you said you needed 2.6-3.5A. keep looking, am sure you are close.

Thanks for your reply. Can you explain what continuous and peak current are? I tried google it. But I couldn't find anything. Thanks. why isn't 3 A peak current fit my 2.6 A - 3.0 A motor?

Continuous is current that runs all the time, like a motor going steady state.
Peak is a brief surge, like when the motor is just starting from a stopped state, or is running along and gets jammed up for some reason.

“why isn’t 3 A peak current fit my 2.6 A - 3.0 A motor?”
because you said

current consumption is 2.6A to 3.5A

and 3 is < 3.5. Just going by your numbers.

Oh, that makes sense. Thanks!