Newbie programming (lilypad bord)


I am trying to find some help with some coding (i have never done any before).

The set up is 15 LEDs which react to a change in light (so when its darker the LEDs are brighter and visa versa). I have all my supplies on order but wanted to see it it works when it arrives.

Any help would be grateful


Have you played around with the blink sketch much? Also the example sketch "fade" under basics might help you out. You would attach the photo sensor to an analog in port and multiplex the 15 leds to reduce pin count. In your program, you would read the value from the sensor, store it as a variable and then use that variable to adjust the led's brightness. Not sure if you can do this with 15 leds because you would need at minimum 8 pwm pins which the arduino doesn't have. Maybe there is a way to do it on a regular digital pin, I am not sure.


I am planning to wire the leds in sets of 2 (with one on its own) in parallel so each set should work as one. I think im going to play with the fade setting see what happens. Ill post some code and see what you think?