NEWBIE Question - Arduino, Mikrotik

Hi all,

i just discover Arduino and it's looking great. I'm starting some project and i need digital i/o and analog inputs and arduino is best that i can find. So i need to connect Arduino to Mikrotik router 411U ( with #G and GPS module and I do not now which Arduino board should I buy: This one: Or this one: plus

I need to pass data from Arduino to router, Router is very advanced and i can program router to do everything :) Router have serial, USB and LAN connector

Thanks all.

amonra_hr: I do not now which Arduino board should I buy: This one:

This one is more integrated (so in theory more reliable), but you will also need a serial port adapter to program it. It cannot be programmed via. Ethernet:

amonra_hr: Or this one: plus

That works too, and is more flexible.

Neither is really 'better', it's a matter of taste ... and price.

I use a Mikrotik RB433UAH and a Mega2560/ethernet shield combination. I get power for the Mega from the USB port AND I can set a "special-login" on the Mikrotik, and remote connect to the router with ssh with a special username, and connect to the serial I/O of the Arduino. :)

BTW, I am SurferTim on the Mikrotik site too, if you need help with that.

Add: You could not do that with the Arduino Ethernet (no USB). Only an Uno/Ethernet shield.