Newbie Question: Eclipse and Processing


I’m using Ubuntu and have following problem:

I want to use Processing in Eclipse while programing something on my Arduino Duemilanove.

I already configured Eclipse successfully to use my Arduino and the upload is working fine,too.

I also installed the Processing plug in and something simple like creating an ellipse is working fine.

But I don’t know how to combine those two. I’d like to make a code in which I press a button which lights an LED and there shall be a window on my screen which shows me which LED is lighted. The Code for the Arduino is the following one:

#include <WProgram.h>

const int button1 = 2;
const int button2 = 7;
const int button3 = 4;
int state = LOW;
int press1 = 0;
int press2 = 0;
int press3 = 0;

void setup () {
	pinMode(6, OUTPUT);
	pinMode(5, OUTPUT);

void loop () {
	press1 = digitalRead(button1);
	press2 = digitalRead(button2);
	press3 = digitalRead(button3);
	if (press1 == 1)
	{ state = !state;
	digitalWrite(6, state);
	if (press2 == 1)
	{ state = !state;
	digitalWrite(5, state);
	if (press3 == 1)
	{ digitalWrite(5, LOW);
	digitalWrite(6, LOW);
	delay (400);

int main(void)
	init ();
		loop() ;

How can I integrate Processing and Arduino in Eclipse? I’ve already googled but with no success.

Thanks for your answers.

Best Regards,


Ok, after no one answers, let me put the question in another way.

Is it possible, that I can program with Eclipse and upload it to the Android by using the Processing Plug-In?

you'd proceed as follow.
You need two programs.
A first program uploaded to the arduino, which will send messages (for instance a temperature value) to the serial usb.
A second program which will run on the Pc, written in processing, to read that values and do a graph.
Arduino comes with some basic examples for communicating with Processing (in Arduino IDE, look at menu Examples > Communication).

A total different option is to drive Arduino via Processing, look at

But as far as I know, Processing uses Java, and arduino uses C++, so the two languages are a bit different.