Newbie question: Errors "was not declared in this scope"


I try to build a heliostat/sun tracker with my Arduino Mega and I’ve downloaded some ready-to-use code from Unfortunately, this site doesn’t work properly anymore and the forum is down.

I’m a newbie on Arduino and can’t write my own code. Now, when I try to upload or even verify/compile the code, there’s a bunch of error messages “…was not declared in this scope”.

Could anybody tell me what’s wrong with this code?

The developer wrote, that uploading only works with the old IDE 1.0.6, but I get the same error on the latest IDE and on 1.0.6 anyway, so it seems something is really wrong with it.

I’ve the .ino files (the main .ino is the “Mega_SunTracking_Heliostat_Program_V098.ino”.

Thanks a bunch in advance if anybody can give me some hints!! (72.5 KB)

You need to update the Flash library. The one that came with that project is old and doesn't work with the new version of the IDE. You should have copied all the libraries in the project to your libraries directory so go there and delete the Flash folder.

Then, inside the IDE, go to Sketches->Include Library->Manage Libraries and then search for Flash. Install that Flash library and it should compile.