Newbie question.  LCD Screen - will this one work?

Hi All,

I am fairly new to the arduino and I now want to delve in to working with LCD screens. Can anyone reccomend an easy one to use?

Also - can anyone tell me if this one will work easily

Thanks in advance,


Hey matey,

You need to keep an eye out for the HD44780, this is well supported within Arduino libraries and will get you going the fastest.

Yes, these work fine. As you'll see from the Maplin page you linked, they're HD44780-compatible. I've got the 2x16 working in 4 bit mode with the standard LCD library, no problems.

i just bought

Is this compatible? I thinki have it connected properly

but all i get is a blank screen. The backlight is on however.

nm. the connections were loose. Works great now.

I’ve got the text panning across.

Is it possible to have two loops. One for my countdown and one for the panning text? I want the text fast.