newbie question - shield compatability

Hello all,

after following various awesome micro-controller projects done using audrino i have finally decided to take the plunge and get my hands dirty ! :D

I have bought audrino uno rev 3 recently and would like to know if the ethernet shield sold here ( is compatibile with uno ?

as a general question, what is the best way to tell if a shield is compatible with a particular board.

i do apologize if this question is too broad or too easy ... everything seems not so obvious to me right now :S

thanks for the help ! ankit

If the manufacturer says its compatible, then its probably is. It should work with your uno. You should still call and confirm this with rhydo. They have good presales support.

The only time you can bump into a problem is when you use one of the larger arduinos like the Mega which have analog and SPI on different pins thus making them non compatible.

thanks ! i will do just that then.

best regards, ankit

Unless it is sold from, or is an official shield listed on the hardware page, your only option is to believe what the seller tells you.