newbie question

hi, Have recently stared with arduino Duemilanove, managed to upload Blink example from Arduino IDE, and worked. Then uploaded StandardFirmata, then shutdown Arduino IDE, and started processing and run example arduino_output.

TX permanently on mouse click pin 13, RX flashes BUT Pin 13 does NOT light up.

How can I determine what is at fault?

Thank YOu Greg

Hi Greg,

Welcome to the forum. We would require to look at the code to try and understand what could be wrong. Why don't you post the code?

Cheers, pracas

When you do post the code please use the # button in the reply box.

Things to check. Have you got the baud rate right? Have you got the correct COM port selected?

hi, Thanks but problem solved. It seemed that I was using a version of Firmata that the arduino board wasnt happy with. When I uploaded the right firmata everything worked fine.

Thanks greg