Newbie questions (Arduino & Arm Linux)


Just a couple of questions :

I am hoping to use the Arduino board to connect up sensors to an Archos PMA400

But I am unsure as to
a) Whether this is going to be possible
b) What I would need to get it working

What I want to do is simply to be able to read data from sensors connected to the Arduino board. The board would be connected to the PMA through USB

From having a quick scout around the Arduino site, it looks like I would need the FTDI drivers. Could I simply use the linux version, or would I need an arm Linux version?

Once this problem is solved, would it simply be a case of writing code for the board on a desktop machine and writing a separate program for the PMA (cross compiled for arm-linux) which reads from whatever device the Arduino shows up as?

Thanks for your help


Support for the FTDI chip on the Arduino board (232BM) is, according to the FTDI website, built into Linux kernels version 2.4.20 and later. If the PMA400 uses a recent Linux kernel, it should be able to communicate with the Arduino board. The Arduino board should show up as a serial device (e.g. /dev/ttyUSB0).

Getting the Arduino software running under Linux can be a bit tricky; you’re probably better off programming the board with a Mac or PC. If you’d really rather get the IDE running on Linux, see this forum thread for help:

Unfortunately the PMA400 uses kernel 2.4.19 :’( so I guess it either wouldn’t have FTDI support or only a limited amount. I suppose the best thing to do would be to plug one in and see if it gets recognised.

Programming the board from a windows box should be fine, in fact I’d probably prefer to do it that way ;D



You could try the driver (distributed as source) here: