Newbie Servo Problem

I'm guessing that its probably a pretty easy fix, but i can't seem to get it to work!!! I plug in a servo (5V, Gnd, Digital port 9) and try get the example Servo code to work. Problem is, that the servos movement is jerky, only moving a fraction about every second. The Green LED L flashes each time it moves every second. Once it gets to the position is sent, it stops.

Ripping my hair out and probably look like and idiot once i see whats wrong!

Thanks in advance!

Im going to guess your drawing to much current through the arduino board.

Try using a external power supply.

hmm.. yeah, seems that might be the problem. I don't have an external power source, but when i plug it into the 3.3V pin, it goes normal, then TX and RX both go nuts and my computer thinks the arduino is disconnected.

Grab a desktop computer power supply and mod it a bit to use for development.

Its really easy and cheap, plenty of online tutorials depending on model of the unit you use.

I believe a 9v battery with a 5v voltage regulator will do the trick as well.

Thanks, i'll have to give it a go!