Newbie to this forum who would like to share.

In my exploration of your site the only upload I have seen is post related. Am I guessing correct that if I want to share code with the community that I should do this via GitHub and post the link?

Or you can attach the code to a post or if it is under 9000 characters you can just post it just like you posted that text. There are [code][/code] tags to make it look nice and not get trashed by the forum software.

There is a "How to use this forum" thread at the top of every board that would be good to read. It goes over most all of these sorts of questions.

Thanks Delta_G

I've already got 13 classes so a cut and paste won't work here. I did do a search but didn't find the response I was looking. So I think I'll take your advice and go old school and just read what is available.


Dan B

Thanks again.

GitHub isn't the only option but it's a good one. The biggest advantage of GitHub is that it makes it very easy for others to contribute bug fixes or enhancements to your open source project.