Newbie Train Simulator Project HELP

Hiya guys,

Something a bit different - just looking for some help regarding incorporating real-world railway hardware into Train Simulator using an Arduino.

Essentially im trying to get a railway AWS sunflower to react in a similar fashion as the in-game one.

An AWS sunflower (for those non-railway savvy) is a little device that triggers an alarm & visible warning for the driver, as the train approaches a cautionary aspect (signal), this may be a double/single yellow or a red (for example).

I've seen this done a few times on a few pages using arduinos, but have had no luck getting a response.

Also note, i dont have any experience with Arduinos at all, so some advice on what's needed & how to do it would be appreciated!


Some railroaders contribute to this forum, which certainly can help you.

I for my part don't understand what the Arduino should do for you. What is the input (signals?) and the output (buzzer?) of your project?