Newbie - Trouble with getting LCD working


Just got my first Uno -rev3 with LCD ultrasonic kit from 4tronix. I have uploaded the lcd example code to the uno but nothing happens. The upload completes successfully and i have tested with the simple blink and fade led sketch both of which work so i guess the programming link etc is working correctly.

My lcd is the standard 16x2 and the pins are linked as per the example sketch. The screen lights up (both backlight and i can adjust the contrast to display all the pixels (the lcd is white on blue)

I have tested each of the links are connected at both ends (using ohm test meter) so the connections look sound as well. Can anyone offer any advice on further tests/checks i can make.

I have checked the LCD on the raspberrypi and it works without issues, so i think the hardware is good.

The code is the "LiquidCrystal Library - Hello World" from the arduino ide example section. windows version 1.0.3, i have tried other sketches that are around and still nothing is displayed on the lcd.

Can anyone offer me any assistance?


Please show us how things are wired: a schematic and picture of the project.

Hi Larry,

Well i have just put it back together again to take a picture of the setup but now the thing is working, damn it i must have rebuilt it 10 times already but now it starts to work. Maybe its just your presents that has made it work :slight_smile: