Newbie - trying to understand a request

I have an Arduino Mega2560 quadruped setup from Freenove and I'd like to make my own actions with it.

In the software interface it has the following

// Simple action
static final byte requestCrawlForward = 80; // [order]
static final byte requestCrawlBackward = 82; // [order]

I think this means that the byte value sent to the device from the controller software is 80 for CrawlForward

In the device firmware there is a Comms.h file and a Orders.h that refer to CrawlForward as such

// Simple action
static const byte requestCrawlForward = 80; // [order]
static const byte requestCrawlBackward = 82; // [order]

& also

class RobotAction
void Start();

void ActiveMode();
void SleepMode();
void SwitchMode();

void CrawlForward();
void CrawlBackward();
void TurnLeft();
void TurnRight();

So as I think I understand it I can see the path from pressing the buton in the software to that generating something called CrawlForward in the device. But I cant find any reference to CrawlForward in any files. I've searched all the files included I think.

I want to change the operation that is CrawlForward but I cant figure out where it is worked out?

Any help is greatly appreciated


Does Freenove have a forum or support? It's their code for their robot isn't it?

Stick a few print statements in to track what is happening , values of variables , “!im here” etc .

Please use Code Tags </> to present code.

My crystal ball shows a header file containing class RoboAction, and a C++ file of the same name containing its implementation.