Newbie trying to understand programmers with ATTiny2313


Im trying to understand how to programme a fresh attiny2313 that i picked up off ebay for peanuts but cant really grasp what i need to do. I have a 20mhz crystal connected to it alongside some 18pf capacitors and a 5v line on my breadboard and also have a FT232RL usb cable knocking about that has a 6 pin output. From what ive read it seems i just need to connect the 2 RX and TX pins from the cable to the tinys TX and RX pins - but what to do next heh?

The more i read the more confused ive become and cant really figure out where i need to go to start uploading a programme to the chip - ive only used an UNO and Arduino software before and that was nice and simple, but for this i get the impression i need to use WinAVR and set fuses, then...well im not really sure - i dont know if i can continue to use the Arduino IDE to upload sketches or if i need to use WinAVR or what really...

Does anyone have a nice guide i can look at or just something to point me in the right direction? Feel a bit overwhelmed after reading around and my brain is crushed under the weight of a thousand articles none of which has really sunk in or clicked - i just want a really nice 'here you go dumbass' kind of tutorial that assumes absolutely nothing. Pointers or hints anyone?

Thanks all, Carl.

Generally the ATtiny family don’t have room for a bootloader so you can’t program them with a USB-to-Serial cable like you can with the ATmega168/328 chips with bootloaders. To program them you need an In-Circuit Serial programmer (ACSP or ISP). You can get a USBasp programmer from eBay for under $4.

You could use your Arduino as ISP

Like this:

And Erni's work is Very Good too.. It worked Very well for me... Well enough to build a programmer shield for the 43/2313. 84 and 85.. And the 328 Evil Mad Scientists has some really nice boards that lend themselves well to this process... adafruit has a $17.95 programmer kit for the 328 that's a good starting place and all the directions for construction can be found in the Playground.