Newbie- ultrasonic rangefinder + sound from Mac (or Applescript)

Hi. I am BRAND NEW to Arduino and am looking to create a performance that uses Arduino and an ultrasonic rangefinder stimulating a computer to read transcripts of my mother's dreams. Ideally I would like the computer to read the transcripts when someone steps in front of the rangefinder.

Later on, maybe faster or slower based on distance.

I have purchased the ultrasonic rangefinder and Adafruit's Experimentation kit for Arduino (found at as well as the ultrasonic rangefinder. I have a Mac (10.6.8).

I cannot afford to purchase more items so am looking to do this with what I have.

I am also happy to record these transcripts and use a wav or mp3 file if that is less complicated.

I'd love any guidance on this. Step by step directions on where to look and how to put this together. Keeping in mind that I am completely new to Arduino and though I know some of the vocabulary (breadboard, buttons, etc.) I am really mostly on my own here.

Project is due March 19th and am hoping to have the Arduino side tackled within the week.

Thanks much.

The Halloween Pumpkin project at Adafruit has almost every element you require.