Newbie....wifi......stepper motor....relay??

Hello ppl,... I am new on arduino.....i havent still get uno....
I want To control a step motor by wifi from my mobile...(also the ability of controling via internet too)
The movement that i want to be made is speficied...also want the reverse movement...
Main power supply 220v...but also want power supply from battery if the 220v are off......
I think i will need
Arduino uno r3
Wifi esp8266
L298N or ULN2003 for stepper motor control???

No problem.

But work your way through a sufficient number of the examples that come with the Arduino IDE before you tackle a complex project.

Do not waste your time trying to control a stepper motor with an L298 - it will be much eaiser with a specialized stepper driver. The ULN2003 is for small 5-wire unipolar stepper motors.

To get useful advice you should explain what your project is - not just the components.

Planning and Implementing a Program
Serial Input Basics
Stepper Motor Basics

I got your PM.

I had seen your picture but as you had no explanation with it and as you did not respond to my Reply #1 I have no idea what more to add.


Ok..,.i want to control a stepper motor that with timing belt will move a latch that will lock and unlock the door.... I want to control it with my smartphone....either with bluetooth or with wifi.... Power supply ac and 9v for backup

From your photo it seems that you want to lock a steel cupboard. And for security I presume the locking components will be inside the cupboard. Unfortunately radio waves do not easily penetrate steel boxes - read about a "Faraday Cage". Though I confess I have not tried. Maybe you could put your phone in the cupboard and see can you call it.

Apart from that observation I still have no idea what you are expecting from this Forum.

If you want someone to write a program for you then you should ask in the Gigs and Collaborations section and be prepared to pay.


Hello there…for the start i want to know what are the correct components that i need to use… which bluetooth board for example…which stepper control board???

which bluetooth board for example

A HC05 works with Android phones but you need something different for an Apple phone (I don't know, I can't afford one).

You may be interested in this RemoteXY Thread or this more recent idea which I have not tried.

...which stepper control board????

Did you read the link I gave you in Reply #1


Just did it....thanks...