newbie with arduino

hello guys! im new with arduino, i have bay the arduino uno with mega328 chip!

i have also some mega8 chips blank!

please tellme how to program the bootloader on blank chips and if i can use this on arduino uno board!!!

i have a usbstk500 programe and i have work with codevision! can i aupload the boot loader with this programme if yes please send me instructions!!!

many thaksn

Welcome! Yes, you can burn bootloaders onto them. You will need a solderless breadboard, 16 MHz xtal, two 22pF caps, 10K resistor, a 100nF cap, and some jumper wires.

Read this thread regarding burning of bootloaders,64105.msg481752.html#msg481752

You will download the sketch from the thread above and run that to download a bootloader into a blank part.

yes works thanks i have burn on mega8 chip

also i have upload the bootloader with codevison chipblaster programer by open the hex file D:\arduino-0022\hardware\arduino\bootloaders\atmega8\ATmegaBOOT.hex and set manual the fuses to bootrst=0 bootsz1=0 bodlevel1=0

and this works well but i dont know if is the correct way!!!

one more question exept mega8 i have mega88pa, mega32, mega16, and mega8535,

in this chips can i upload the boot loader?? if yes what file and fuses can i use??

manny thanks

"mega88pa, mega32, mega16" For these I think yes.

mega8535 - maybe. It looks similar to atmega324, with less memory.

Can't help you on the fuses, need to look them up on the datasheets.