Newbie working on a Pan/Tilt Head with code questions

Greetings to all here at the Arduino forums! I'm currently working on a pan/tilt head project for a camera boom, and I've got the hardware all worked out, but now I'm on to to the coding, which is an area I'm completely unfamiliar with.

Here's my hardware list:
MG995 Servos(2)
Arduino Nano
Joystick breakout board
2-bus breadboard
Step-down power regulator
11.1v 2000mAh LiPo battery

What I am trying to accomplish is to have the servos smoothly move proportionally to the joystick input, which I have found plans and code for, but the function I would like to add in if possible is to be able to use the "select" button on the breakout board to freeze the servos in position, and release them to normal function when it is pressed again. Is this possible? and if so, how would I implement this kind of function? Thank you so much to everyone in advance for your assistance!

Welcome to the forum!

Please read the "How to use this forum" post and follow the directions. Post the code, using code tags.

Example code of joystick to servos with freeze button is near the end of THIS PAGE. See section "JOYSTICK CONTROL OF SERVOS: WITH "FREEZE BUTTON""