Newbie Xbee Wireless Vehicle Info and Camera Control

Hello All! I am obviously new to the forum. I have been a lurker for a while with other projects and ideas. Today I need some direct help in my situation I was unable to find by searching.

On the weekends I run a live video recording at a local raceway. We recently added an in car camera that is wireless. I had the idea to have the option of turning the camera around (like nascar etc.) Also pondered vehicle speed, g-force, throttle position… etc etc?

I have used the arduino minimally with the mpguino and just the “basic” arduino tasks on this website and others. This project would be a big step for me.

My biggest problem that I see is I can’t code very well… or at all. I can follow instructions, I can solder. I can brainstorm. I can copy and paste code (even change what pin might be used) but I can’t write code from scratch.

I was planning on using the XBee Pro 50mW RPSMA - Series 2 (ZB) for the wireless communication due to the size of the track and speed of the cars.

Do you think this is feasable for someone in my position? Do you think I would be able to clobber together the neccessary code?

Has anyone seen a project guide like this online that I could follow?

Thanks for any and all help. I have thick skin so I don’t care if you tell me it can’t be done. Honesty is better! Thanks!