NEWBIE - XYZ De Vinci 1.a filament reset code

Hello to anyone that may read this.

I am not new to forums but I am new to this one, and I couldn't find the search feature to be able to properly search for my answer.

I have a XYZ De Vinci 3d printer. I am trying to reset the filament, which I am sure is not a new topic around here.

I have checked online all over the place and understand how it works and when to plug everything into the Arduino. Problem is, I am too new to this whole code bit to get any of the ones I find online to work. I'm not sure if I am coping too much of it (instructions maybe that are just instructions and not code?)

I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction of where I could find a code? Just a simple "here, copy and paste all of this" kind of thing?

Please, any help is greatly appreciated. I have always felt I am pretty good with computers but this whole thing has me feeling really stupid hahaha.

Google is a big help. Arduino code does not seem to be the problem. Visit: