Hi. Just bought my 1st Arduino Uno. I have no clue how to program it. Anyone out there to assist? I'm doing a project for a client and need some assistance.


Get the Arduino IDE. Read the docs.

Thanks for your response. I'm reading them but have no programming knowledge so going a little over my head.
My requirement is very simple.
When a foot switch is pressed, my stepper motor must turn x amount of turns and stop, and wait for the foot switch to be pressed again...simple.

Can you assist?

You men "Can you write my program for me?" .. yes, but not for free. You need to give the specs of the hardware you intend to use, which stepper board etc. If you do not know what I am talking about, then I can send you a package with CNC Shield + stepper motor, but you'll still need a power suply (decent battery > 12V or ATX-powersupply or anything 12V rated at 2A or above)

I’m using a Nema 42 with driver. Have the Arduino Uno and a foot switch.
Nema 42 Specs:

Step Angle (degrees): 1.8
Motor Length (mm): 201
Rated Voltage (V): 5.36
Rated Current (A): 8.0
Phase Resistance (Ohms): 0.67
Phase inductance (mH): 12
Holding Torque(kg/cm): 300
Wires: 4
Rotor Inertia(g/cm3): 16200
Detent Torque (kg/cm): 75
Weight (kg): 11.7

Driver specs as attachment

I’m assuming this is very simple program for you. How much you charge?

DQ2522MA.pdf (207 KB)

That sounds like a reasonable hardware. I send you a PM in a minute.

Try spending some time with DuckDuckGo and search "Arduino and Stepper motor program". This is one I found: