Ive been hearing about Arduinos on hak5 and lifehacker etc and I think its time i got in on the fun too. Can someone recommend a kit or a list of things I might need to get me started? I'm 32 and I've been fixing things and taking things apart for the hell of it for years. I can solder and I have a basic understanding of electronics and I also code a little delphi and c++

I'll go through all of the basics first but what I'd really like to do is use an Arduino to control my garage roller door(industrial type) and maybe create some sort of RFID lock system for my office door.

I'm in Scotland so some recommendations for retailers in the UK would be great.


where to buy see: also is in the uk I thought , at least they provide Arduino Starters Kits and also a great starters manual how things can be done

I met this guy at the Maker Fair in Newcastle this year. His site is well worth the check out (as well as Earth Shine):-

Thanks very much guys, I'll have a good look at those sites tomorrow. I'm on a little eeepc right now and its not great for browsing. I like the sound of this kit though:

I think most of my applications will be web based but I can always look into that later once I've learned the basics.

I'll also recommend oomlout, I've had great service and freebie suprises from them, and add in

Lots of nice stuff on that site too, I'm itching to get into building something now! My girlfriend is going to be like "You want a what for Christmas?" We move into our very first house together next week so I'm sure that will give me some ideas for projects.

I can also vouch for oomlout.

A slightly cheaper alternative could be the starter kit from coolcomponents ( Delivery is usually really quick (Have placed a non-recorded order after lunch and had it arrive next day, for instace), though the prices aren't always the lowest.