newbizz want a find an assembler ide for arduino

:roll_eyes: lo !

i want to find an ide with my arduino that permit me to view registers and eeprom memory and i/o ports and i want to prog in assembly..
did you get a thing like that for me ?...


This might not be what you need but is some of what you ask for. If you can use windows then you can download a free copy of Visual Studio Pro for 3 years and subscribe to the Arduino Debugger beta team for a free software debugger.

The debugger allows you to inspect registers, variables and expressions on a running Arduino. It also comes with open source digital, analog pin visualizations. You can also extend the debugger by building your own Visualizations of any Arduino data.

It also supports updating variables and registers on a running Arduino. BUT be aware this is not a hardware debugger, it injects code into a temporary copy of your Arduino sketch during debug compile. Many people have found this debugger very useful but it is not a perfect solution.

:grin: great , thanks ...i gona test_it

You can use Atmel's "Atmel Studio" with an Arduino. To use the debugging features you'll need some sort of hardware debugging tool (such as the Atmel Dragon ($50) or JTAGICE3 ($99)) and you'll probably need to remove the auto-reset capacitor on the Arduino's reset line.

AFAIK, any debugging will require purchasing Atmel hardware of some kind; they've not publicly documented the debug protocols :frowning:

Atmel Studio comes with the Atmel Assembler.

There is also the gnu assembler, which is already part of the Arduino distribution. If you add a file with a ".S" extension to your "sketch", it will be assembled rather than compiled. The gnu assembler syntax is somewhat different than the Atmel assembler.

And you can put inline assembler into your sketches. Other ways to Blink ! - #2 by westfw - Frequently-Asked Questions - Arduino Forum has an example.

(The details will be significantly different for the new ARM-based Arduinos like Due.)