newby pleased so far

i just got my DUE a couple of days ago. i have been screwing around with the Digilent Chipkit for about 6 months because i needed something fast. the Chipkit uses a good processor but there are all sorts of problems with libraries and there does not seem to be a large enough user base that anyone fixes the problem, other than maybe for their own use and not for sharing. to me it is pretty amazing that basic libraries such as SD, are full of bugs and no one seems to care enough to fix them. i thought that Arduino was for people (like myself) who just want to get things working and not spend a lifetime looking at datasheets and debugging other people's code.

i was thrilled when i saw that the DUE was available. it has the speed of the Chipkit and many more features which i hope to exploit. i was concerned that i would have the same "new item" problems i had with the Chipkit. SO FAR I HAVE NOT AND AM EXTREMELY IMPRESSED. i do understand that i will find problems with a new product but have much greater confidence that the problems will be fixed. i waited for 4 months to see a working SD library for the Chipkit and it never happened. SDfat seems to work well on the DUE, writing blocks in half the time and working with a variety of cards. i could find only one card that worked well with the SD library for the Chipkit.