newcomer to ardurino/puredata

hi i am about to start a new project where i will be using a gavlanic skin response sensor then use this sensor output to change the mood of the light(colour). i have spokento people who said i need to make a patch where the incoming data is converted in am analog out signal - PWM. if anyone could elabourate on this it would be much appreciated.

as for programming the board i have found a peice of code for aluminating LED'S

my programming is not overly hot and am not sure how the coding would be changed so that the lighting would be changed by the input value. if any can tell me this would also be appreciated

plus if any has seen any sort of project that are familar to this description that would also be very helpfull. many thanks james

hi! you can use de pduino firmware to control the leds throught pmw with pure data

as for receiving data in pure data i didnt manage to do it!! new on arduino too!!