Newhaven Display NHD-4.3CTP-N SHIELD

This 4.3" touch screen shield is fun to use.,2891.0.html

Tested on top of an Arduino UNO and a MEGA and works with no settings to change for either Arduino.

The library has a lot of complex examples.
[NHD-4.3CTP-SHIELD based on the FT801 controller](http://NHD-4.3CTP-SHIELD based on the FT801 controller)

FTDI has a free, useful, screen design program that generates “almost” error free sketches.
The correct EVE version to use for this shield is 2.4.3 (as of 6 / 2017).
Some software caveats for my set up:
Had to run program as “Administrator”
Had to enter program as an “exception” in my virus software.
Ensure you select the correct device (FT 801) and resolution (480x272) BEFORE you design your screens.
Select Export >> Arduino Project >> VM801B43 (if export is unavailable, try a new sketch and paste the code in from the old sketch.) Change the VM801B43.h library to FT_NHD_43CTP_SHIELD.h.
The screen design software has the custom font conversion software and the “picture” conversion software built in.

I’ve had some code issues and FTDI was responsive via email. :smiley: Most of my code issues are because I’m certainly not an expert at code…

My issue is that everything works acceptably plugged into the USB port (not warm) but when the Arduino is plugged into a 7.5V power supply, the voltage regulator gets very hot to the touch. I tried a small, stick on, heat sink but it made no noticeable difference.

Anyone have other thoughts?