Newly released Arduino shields


I'm unsure of the etiquet here about advertising. The company I work for have released 3 Arduino shields, can I tell people about them?



Spend some time in the community and you'll know.

If the project is open source then you would be particularly welcome. If not then you still would not be shunned but I would post it in the "general’ area of the forum rather than in the problem solving part.

Speaking for just one reader... me!.. I'm not the least bit offended if someone posts a simple, factual description of something that I might want to use. "Best shield ever!!!", etc... not welcome. "New shield with GPS receiver, costs $xxx"... welcome... if it isn't a "tease"... i.e. if I don't have to drag off someplace else to learn important things (like cost).

And if the supplier doesn't "announce" the product four times a day for two weeks.

Hi Mike

Thank you for your reply, they are indeed open. One is a better (our opininon only) XBee adapter, one a 10amp relay on a shield and the last has dual channel driver and 55amp MOSFETs on.

I'm unfamiliar with things here as we work mostly in the PIC world not the Atmel one. We designed them so they would work on an Arduino as well as the PIC based XINO board. We've sold some to Arduino users but never activly pushed them. We think we should let people know and what's the best way to do it.



tkbyd, understood, promise it'll be only 3 times a day for a month, kidding :)

I'll be factual and brief, is this is ok?

The xbee shield design was actually in response to an issue I faced when I did my very first Arduino project (wireless RGB lighting). The shield I bought (DF I think) held the data line at powerup so the xbee went into AT mode for 10 seconds (annoying but solvable with a single resistor). Then that I couldn't program the Arduino with it in place without flipping jumpers or unplugging. So we fixed that too. The board automatically disconnects TX/RX at download and doesnt send it into AT mode.

The relay is just a basic driver circuit and relay on a shield.

The MOSFET board has a dual channel 1.2A driver and a pair of big heatsinks with 2 x 55v 52 amp MOSFETS on, this is for a solar controller we are doing, but can be used for motors, lighting etc.

ProtoPIC in Scotland resell our stuff, we are looking for other distributers. We have a huge list of things to create that are different to whats out already. Next is a gas/water/electricity meter reader.


OK so you have left the excuse of not posting a link so we can ask you for one and you get another go. ;)

Hi Miles ,

Please send the info about the shields to so they are findable. You can add a description per shield, pins used and a link to your company. have a look.