NewSoftSerial on the Mega

I understand that the Mega has 3 hardware serial ports and, as such, has less need for software serial. Nevertheless, a number of people have asked whether NewSoftSerial could be modified to support the Mega. I would really like to add this support, but not quite enough to go out and buy my own Mega. :slight_smile: Is there anyone out there who wants NewSoftSerial support enough to send me one? PM me.



hi everyone, im adam from france im 20
im in an internship now ,

im working on an interactive panel of monochrom leds, i have done the scheme on the electronic board using a pic18F4520 via TLC 5940 for driving 16 leds plus 2 IR leds "one transmits the signal while the second receives it" WITH MPLAB C18 in order to blink leds just by moving one's hand upon the panel, i have beeen inspired by the schemes with "arduino" micros already done on the web by other people , and i tried to do the same with the pic , i think im ready for the next level by programming the 16 leds ,I HAVE TO DO IT WITH c language, but as im not that good with C , i hope you could give me some help through this study,


i have done the same with my pic

Interactive LED Panels: New version, white LEDs - YouTube its the concept but that is analogic , im using microcontroler so as to be programmed in a digital way



I suggest that for better response you create a new topic, since your question has nothing apparently to do with NewSoftSerial or Arduino Mega. That would give you much better visibility.

Or at least pick a more popular thread to crash. You can hear the crickets chirping in this one. :slight_smile:


hi guys ,

i gave up with PIC18F4520 and mplab, i have bought an arduino atmega 168 board , and i have done the circuit connecting it with a tlc 5049and 16 leds , i have found some libraries in arduino software it's very helpful than the mplab , now my circuit works and my leds blink ,but i have to connect the whole thing with 2 photo IR diodes, the first emmits and the second receives so as to get an interactive panel with leds blinking just by moving my hand upon the circuit , so my problem remains in how can i connect these IR photodiodes on the test board , ihave followed some instruction on some websites on how to connect them but , im not getting any results , please , my internship period of time is running out unfortunately , i have to get it done this week . thanks for any suggestions
i ve been based on many ancient projects similar to mine coz im using exactly the same components but unfortunatly it doesnt contain IRleds for interactivity , you can understand more , by seeing these links thanks Google Code Archive - Long-term storage for Google Code Project Hosting. "photodiodes"
Interactive LED Panels: New version, white LEDs - YouTube you will understand more with this vid , but this one is an analogic panel (without) microcontroller , me i have to do it with microcontroller that's why ive chosen arduino instead of pic , btw i have a confusion abt using phototransistor or photodiode , they play the same role but i dont knw whiwh one i can use to be with the diode that receives plus i dont knw how to get them on the board , ive tried different schemes but it didnt work thanks