NewSoftSerialTest produces garbage over RS232

I am running NewSoftSerial test program on a Lilypad and getting garbage over the rs232 line.

Here is the setup: -Lilypad w/FTDI connection -Lilypad pin 2 --> pin 3 on DB9 -Lilypad pin 3 --> pin 2 on DB9 -DB9--->null modem--->COM1 on PC -Terminal program on COM1, open at 4800/8/n/1. I am using the untouched demo app so it has the same settings.

When I run the sketch, I see good output on the serial monitor but when I type chars into the terminal package, garbage appears, meaning that NSS has garbled either the read or the write or both.

What is wrong here?


The RS232 port on your computer uses at least +-12V - not 0-5V. That's a good way to kill the Lilypad.

You need a level shifter IC like a MAX232, or a 2nd ftdi adapter cable.