Next dam LCD i'm getting better be SERIAL

I hate a spiderweb of wires. Couldn’t even get the friggin thing to work. 90% it’s my incompetance, haste in soldering with a tip as blunt as ] that thing on a 20" screen at XVGA. Could be broken. It arrived with a footprint on a envelope.

Backlight worked fine of course, but the hello world sketch did nada. I wish he didn’t set the pins in reverse order though, seems a little counterintuitive.

I seek no assistance. Only venting and offering this commentary. No need for 4 - 8 data channels on a damn 32 character display for a human being.

I sympathize completely.

I bought 2 16x2 LCDs some years ago thinking they might be useful (before I got an Arduino) and, not only do they have all those pins, but they need a negative voltage to make the screen visible. Never used them beyond a test to see that I could get it to work. :slight_smile:


Yeah this was the unit:

Not sure if the backpack is viable as it doubles or triples unit pricing. I want a lot of simple displays for single-sensor "nodes" - ie: a thermocouple and four colored LEDs in a bathtub. Maybe I'll go for 7seg LEDs there. I wish SPI was more disseminated of a protocol, it's not Arduino - centric but I never heard of it prior. I need feedback for debugging, I'm used to VBA and other environments where I have a "Break" and step through and watcher. IDE does only a compiler syntax check.

My big first goal is to get a switch, a sensor, a voltage, whichever, to send a signal upstairs to tell Blue Iris to "dis-arm". Blue Iris can disarm via COM or a HTTP POST (secure). Seems simple as pie but darn phone wires are trash. I think I'll re-test them, then run a wire from magnet lock - thru diodes - up to ard board and com3 into BI. Satisfied the wife then! Then other things, like increasing tension on maglock just to "hold" door closed for a few minutes. To then taking over the Access Control, thermastat, alarm anunicator once I'm novice.