Next project - Foot Pressure mapping.. Can Arduino collect data fast enough?

Greetings!! I am helping my 12YO with a science project. She would like to get a pressure wave of her foot while running in different pairs of sneakers and see if there are differences between sneakers.

I think arduino with a Data Collector and maybe a LCD panel would be a nice way to get a good look at what is happening. I was wondering if Arduino platform can collect data / Write data fast enough so she can get a nice map of how the pressure builds and eases with each running stride.
I would also need some guidance in what kind of force sensitive resistor I should use in this kind of application ( sensor stuck in a sneaker )
Thanks much!!!

Pretty sure any Arduino could send data faster than any LCD or human eye can keep up with. The LCD part will slow down your readings because you want someone to read it. So you could average out the data and send that out every second to 5 secs to display on a screen.

Sparkfun has several sensors that will do the trick, Search Results for pressure - SparkFun Electronics

K - LCD out.... Will look into the pressure sensors.. The good news is that i really dont need to figgure out weight as my kid just wants a nice looking pressure wave with no values....