Nextion 3.2" Basic internal flash memory 4MB and loaded picture size

Please let me know I created JPG picture and its size is 30kB but when I gone to upload on Nextion Editior it shows picture size is 187.52kB, why?

I made 11 pages and 21 pictures Nextion program but it is not able to upload on nextion because memory consumed by pictures.

Please let me know is there any method to reduce picture size in Nextion Editor?

I'm not clear what this has to do with micro-controllers, surly this is a display question?

I have a simple Nextion configuration consisting of 2 images of 6kB each, it compiles to 746896 bytes ! ! ! !

It's crap, I know!

There was a discussion about this here a few months ago, someone commented about they use a very poor way to encode the images. Maybe if you search you'll find it.

You could review your design and see if you can find ways to use few images.