Nextion Button problem

Hello PerryBebbington, I have the same problem as the person who wanted text and a transparent background so the graphic could come through. It works on screen but it doesn't compile, I get Picc errors. You told that person that he used a cropped image and that he needed to select the appropriate image for each element for it to work. I have tried everything and it still doesn't work. Could you please step me through a simple text box qty 1 with a transparent background so graphic can peek through? I am using the current Nextion Editor and working with a NX4827T043 choosing the basic selection. I eventually want to put gauges on with a cool background graphic as well, but cannot get pass the text stage. Any insights would be much appreciated.

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Hello Graceseib, I asked the moderators to move your post as it is a new question, not an answer to the one you tagged it on the end of. This is considered to be hyjacking, the idea being that if you really had the same problem then the thread you hyjacked would contain the answer you are looking for (either that or no one knows the answer).

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I'm not completely sure I have understood your question, I think you want an object (button or whatever) that shows a different background to the general background on the display. Is this correct? If so the answer is cropped images. If you go to the tutorial 'using Nextion displays with Arduino', which is at the top of 'displays', there is an example of using cropped images at the end of part 4. Try that, play around with it and if it doesn't solve your problem come back here and ask.

If you have a HMI file you can put it in a zip file and upload it here so I can see what you are trying to do.