Nextion Display dim and wake up

Hello all,

the Nextion Displays (I have the 3.2"):

have a sleep function. It is possible to recover from sleep by touching the display. This is described in the instruction set:

and works as expected. The display goes totally dark and then comes back.

What I want is pretty much the same but with the display dimmed to e. g. 30% instead of being switched off. So the display will still be readable. And with a touch it goes back to full brightness. Unfortunately, the instruction set doesn't give me this function.

Dimming the display down after some time istn't a problem in the code. Simply use the dim command. For reading the touch events I use the Nextion arduino library from Itead. The functions that are called after a touch event of any button can bring the display up to full brightness. But this works only when one of the buttons is touched. It doesn't work when tuoching the display anywhere.

I didn't find anything about this in the internet and I have no idea how to realize this. In the code on the arduino? In the display itself?

I would be very thankful if anybody could give me some information.

Very best regards


I think there is a Nexion forum - I’d try there.