Nextion display doesn't communicate with Leonardo

I have a little problem with my Nextion display.
It doesn't want to communicate with my arduino leonardo.
I uploaded a test code to the arduino and the Nextion too, which can be found on the following link: Nextion+Arduino Tutorial #1 Beginner's Guide - YouTube
I connected 5v to 5v, ground to ground,arduino tx to rx and rx to none, but it doesn't work when I push any buttons on the screen.
Then I connected the Nextion to my pc by usb ttl.
And I read the incoming data from the serial input.
After this I use these data in Nextion Editor, and I try to run the simulation.
And it's working properly in simulation.
I connect the Nextion to my PC too.
I give the command in the Editor "no.val=30".
This give me the number on Nextion.
But when I connect the screen with arduino it doesn't working.
I try several types of serial communication modes but none of them working...
I have an Arduino Leonardo and a Nextion nx4832k035
What could the problem?
Can anybody help me maybe?
I hope you will understand my english...

Hello welcome to the forum.

Please read 'how to use this forum - please read', then post your code in code tags as per the instructions, also a schematic showing your wiring and a photo that clearly shows how the Nextion is connected to the Leonardo.

Thank you.