Nextion Display lower right corner stopped working

I have a button on the lower right corner.

I noticed today that the touch area is very limited compared to the rest of the buttons. Literally poking around, all three other buttons activate within the areas I would expect them to. The one in the lower right only works winthin the left most boundary of the button.

Any ideas on why? I ran the calibration command, but it made nod difference.. Like I said. all the other buttons have touch areas that coincide with the screen I built in the editor.

Could it be anything but a bad screen? I've only started development a couple weeks ago.


I downloaded the file to my phone and it tried to log me into something, don't know what but the word plague was not encouraging. The file is infected with something.

Turbo, I have no way to know if you deliberately uploaded a file with something dodgy in it or did it by accident, but there is something seriously bad about that file.

I ran the file through VirusTotal and there were no detections. Even so, I went ahead and removed the image to be safe.

Thank you Pert.

Turbo, My apologies if your file is benign but when I click on something and get a red background with the word 'plague' and some attempt to log me into something then I assume it's dodgy.

Very odd. it was a simple PNG straight from windows snipper. Maybe your phone is not set up for PNGs? Opens in my phone fine. I even downloaded it and opened it on my computer after I had posted it.

In any case, I think the original problem was an anomoly with the TFT file. The next version of the file that made no changes to the button (added something to the screen unrelated) seems to have fixed it.

Glad you got it sorted. I’ve not had a problem like that with any of my Nextion displays.

Turbo and pert,

Apologies to both of you.

I found out why I thought that image was infected with something bad, well sort of found out. A few weeks ago I downloaded a game to my phone at the recommendation of a friend who likes games a lot. I don't usually play games but this one sounded interesting. Anyway, I'd forgotten about it. For some reason it was trying to open images with the file extension JPG. Why it was doing that I don't know.

I've now removed it from my phone.

Apologies again.

Thank you.