Nextion dual state Hotspot

Hi all newby here.

I'm wondering if it's possible to have a dual state Hotspot, that can operate like a dual state button that would print two different lines of text to the Arduino? (on and off)

To my fresh set of eyes, it would seem like a quick and streamlined method to create a page with many buttons, without having to crop images etc. Naturally, the display wouldn't change to show button state.
In this scenario I'm not bothered about that as I know if the interior lights etc im controlling are on or off anyway.

Up until two weeks ago, I had no arduino or previous programming experience. I'm keeping everything simple and streamlined in both Arduino and Nextion. So I'm using the display to simply send and receive text, without the nextion library in arduino. This is working fine so far and the only sticking point to complete my project is to get the Hotspots to print the alternating text commands ie "m4on" and "m4off" and send them to the arduino, where i can deal with them simply.

I've researched this over the past couple of days and can't find an answer online. That's not to say the answer is not out there.,,,probably more a case that I've not seen it staring me in the face due to lack of knowledge and experince. My lingo level at present is the equivalent of being able to say hello, goodby and possibly order a pistachio ice cream! So with this in mind, If I've been presented with a couple of ways impliment a function in this project, I've choosen the simplest. Often this may not be a scaleable or extensible methodology, but for meeting the objectives of this project a low complexometer score is best.

The project is basically a controller for my campervan that monitors temprature and voltage levels and controls lights and heating via relays etc.

Thought I'd ask this as a general question prior to going into more detail and taking up lots of people time. I have included a screenshot of page0, to quickly help illistrate what I'm thinking without people having to load up the .HMI. If it's not possible, then I'll go down the button and cropping images route.

It just seems to me that if this was possible, it would offer people another choice for certain scenarios.

Happy to post .HMI and code if required and shoot me down if it's a rubbish idea :slight_smile:

Many thanks.


What you are trying to do is straight forward. Please study my tutorial Using Nextion Displays with Arduino. If you are still stuck show me your best effort and I’ll try to help.

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