Nextion HMI screen

Hello friends , i am new user for arduino app ,, i need to build a project that can interface between arduino and nextion screen , till now everything worked well , but i have one problem and i hope you can help me, i need a code that can help me get multiple value from one page on the hmi screen , or code that can read more than five strings at the same time on the nextion screen .
Thank you for your help​:v::grin:

So You have all the other code.
Please post it, the way adviced by a topic likehow to use this forum.


Hello @rony765

I suggest you start with my tutorial Using Nextion displays with Arduino

However, if you have already written code you will probably have to start again to use my methods. From your brief description I don't really know what you are trying to do.

If you get stuck with my methods I'll help. If you are doing your own thing I might not be able to help much.

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