Nextion LCD with adruino coding

So i have a nextion display (2.4") with the adruino.

I want a button to preset a certain value.

For example, i want to turn a Stepper, and for it to set to travel X distance when sequence is started.

Press X button ( writes how far distance is) and for it to save this distance until another button is pressed, when then switches it to that distance.

I am trying to interface with the nextion display, I have working code for start buttons, as well as it being setup to use a 10k pot to get this value. I would like this value to instead be preset from the button press.

Yes I am new with This, And i have researched and looking for examples for almost three days now. I fgured I would ask to see if anyone has any experience with the nextion display, as well with particular function i am requesting.

Hello Psychomike, welcome to the forum.

I have plenty of experience with the Nextion displays using both Arduino and PIC as the host.

I've read you question several times and I am struggling to understand what you need. You say you have working code for the start buttons, in which case why can't you extend that for other functions? As you have not posted your code I can't give you any opinion on it.

Please post your code, using code tags.

Please include a circuit diagram.

Please read 'how to use this forum'

One thing I can't help with is Nextion libraries, I have never used them or considered them necessary.