Nextion Noise?

I connected Nextion 4.3" screen to Arduino Mega to show GPS info + Coordinates. I already soldered 16v 470uf capacitor to the screen input(5v,GND) as advised by Perry in another topic. But still, when I connect the screen GPS stops working. Any idea?

It was problems with GPS that drew my attention to the noise problem in the first place. Adding the capacitor helped a lot, which is why I suggested it. If you still have a problem try a 0u1 ceramic capacitor in addition to the larger capacitor (put them in parallel).

Put the GPS receiver on a longer cable, away from the Nextion.

Make sure the GPS receiver has a clear view of the sky, so if you are indoors put it next to a window.

unfortunately none of those helped so far :slight_smile: I tried bigger capacitor, 2.2mH inductor, 101,102,103,104,105, ferrite, longer cable, outdoor test .... nothing so far. :frowning:

I can't remember exactly but I think if I put the Nextion and GPS receiver at least 1m apart they were ok.

Post some photos of your set-up, maybe I will be able to suggest something.

Please check photos,
One GPS module, blue LED(tx) is blinking but no PPS.


You need to spread everything out neatly on a clear table top. As it is it's too untidy. I can't see whatever you are using as an Arduino because it is, I assume, underneath everything else.

Without wishing to be unkind I suggest you practice soldering, it needs to be a lot neater than you have at the GPS receiver.

What is the battery for?

:smiley: haha, you are right :slight_smile: these are all temporary connections that I did 1:30AM :slight_smile: . That's why it is too untidy :P. I still have to build a mainboard for Atmega and other sensors and connectors to make it clean and nice.

Anyway, just to give you some update, After 3hrs, I got GPS signal. It seems that keeping away module from the screen works but no that much okey. I'm thinking about shielding with foil, not sure if it really helps or not?

I'm thinking about shielding with foil, not sure if it really helps or not?

Don't know, try it. However, neat wiring layout will help a lot more.

it is sorted, it seems that 104 ceramic was not a good one, I replaced it with another one and now it is okey, syncing after few seconds. But now, I'm going to print a board and stick everything to it and get rid of all wires. I will keep this forum up to date.

OK, good!

Thanks for the update.


I have same problem here, can you please tell me the exact capacitor you used?

Thanks a lot,


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