Nextion (read button, checkbox)

I use the display Nextion with the EasyNextionLibrary.
I can write text and value.

How can I read button or checkbox ?
I'll check "send component ID", but after how read ?

I see we can use 50 predefined trigger() functions, but if I have more than 50 ?


Hello Vincent,
I noticed this when you posted it. By Easy Nextion Library do you mean" ? If so then I guess the only person who has the answer is the author Seithan Maybe send him a PM to ask him if he is willing to respond to your question.

Thank you, I have found the solution : in the library, I use 'void easyNexReadCustomCommand()'

but I have a other problem : I want to use Crop (to see a partial picture).
How to clear the Crop ?