Nextion Screens with Due

I have a 7" nextion screen that I would like to work with the Due .. I have tried the official library and also the library by bborncr having made the recommended changes to the nextion.h file. However, I have not been able to get this to work.

I have also tried a level shifter for the voltage; but this made no difference.

Has anyone got this working and if so; is there any working examples?

Or can anyone recommend a 7" touch screen that has a working library that I can consider purchasing instead of using the nextion screens?

Note: I have connected to a MEGA and this works fine!

For anyone interested in connecting a Nextion to a Due ... for the bborncr library I may have discovered that the assigned serial port for nextion was failing on its init. This may be because I have not set it correctly in the header .. I have comment out the init and have executed serial1.begin(9600) in the setup then this library springs to life .. I have not done anything fancy as yet .. but so far it looks like it is now functioning.

how did you go with your screen