Nexus 7 - In-Dash Car Project - Connecting to USB Hub Wirelessly

I am in the planning stages of installing a Nexus 7 tablet in to my car as an infotainment system.

I have sourced a USB FM Tuner, a USB DAC and a 4-Port USB hub to connect other peripherals such as a HDD and a spare USB port for flash drives.

I want to have the ability to remove the Nexus 7 anytime without connecting and re-connecting with an OTG cable (On-The-Go). Basically the set-up would have wireless charging and wireless connectivity to the USB devices. Drop it in and out of the dash in a flash.

*Future proof options would be addition of rear-view, front view cameras and back-up sensor

Trouble I am having is coming up with a solution to have a wireless USB hub connected to the Nexus 7 so I have access to all the USB devices and not limited with the bandwidth of Bluetooth. I still want to be able to connect to wifi hot-spots to access the internet and online radio/navigation. So I may be hooped with connectivity options here.

I am a newbie and never used Arduino before, but have seen amazing projects. I am sure this device is more than capable of meeting my needs.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!