NFC and P2P


I have an Elechouse NFC Module v3, with a PN532, like this:

I have also a Sony NFC camera, the model is ILCE-QX1:

Here we go: I can activate the camera by using my Xperia phone, turning on the NFC. When I approach the phone to the camera, it turns on perfectly.

Now, I want to do the same, but by approaching the NFC Module, connected with Arduino.

I am a little newbie in NFC communications, so I have a lot of doubts. I understand that this is P2P communication, and that I have to know what is the NDEF code that the phone sends to the camera for turning it on, isn't it? With that, I will only have to send the same code with the NFC module, and that's all...

That is what I thought, but I tried to read the NDEF message that the phone sends with this Arduino code, and it doesn't work:

// send a NDEF message to adnroid or get a NDEF message
// note: [NDEF library]( is needed.

#include "SPI.h"
#include "PN532_SPI.h"
#include "snep.h"
#include "NdefMessage.h"

PN532_SPI pn532spi(SPI, 10);
SNEP nfc(pn532spi);
uint8_t ndefBuf[128];

void setup()
    Serial.println("-------Peer to Peer--------");

void loop()
    Serial.println("Get a message from Android");
    int msgSize =, sizeof(ndefBuf));
    if (msgSize > 0) {
        NdefMessage msg  = NdefMessage(ndefBuf, msgSize);
    } else {

I am sorry, I am totally newbie at this... but is that what I have to do?

Thanks you in advance! Greetings!

P.S: Sorry for my English, I know that it isn't very good, but I hope that you can understand me

I am searching and I have discovered that the dialogue between the Phone and the NFC Camera should be in SNEP protocol... isn't it?

So... I have to discover now which is the code (in NDEF format, like this article says About the NDEF Format | Adafruit PN532 RFID/NFC Breakout and Shield | Adafruit Learning System ) that the phone sends to the camera (an SNEP-PUT Connect request, I suppose) and thereafter, the camera to the phone (a SNEP_Success, I think).

I am totally lost with this, but I hope I am not saying a sort of crazy things :confused: